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Spend less time worrying about saving memories and remembering appointments with Kidcentric. Kidcentric makes it easy to stay organized and keep track of medical information, achievements, milestones, extracurriculars and more! Furthermore, Kidcentric acts as a time capsule, simply save journals and reflect on your child's development and look back on the journals at a later date.


  • Secure and safe. Your privacy matters to us and all data stays local on your device unless you choose to use iCloud Sync in which case your data is heavily encrypted. 
  • Reflect on your child's development with the journal feature. Capture your feelings and use it as a digital time capsule.
  • Hold onto your child's art in a clutter-free digital space without the fear of losing or damaging their artwork.
  • Document milestones and achievements, from graduating kindergarten to graduating secondary school and even beyond.
  • Keep track of medical information. Document your child's height and weight history. Reference the important information like allergies, vaccines, blood type quickly and easily.
  • Stay organized, your child's school schedule and extracurriculars are right at your fingertips! 


Please feel free to contact us at help.kidcentric@gmail.com for any questions, concerns or suggestions!

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